PROPEL Reform Therapeutic Programs

We are disrupting social norms. We are the change we wish to see. We are who we have been waiting for.  Our programs also prioritize cultural competency, trauma-informed spaces, and empowerment through education, resources, and opportunities. Because we go further together. 
These programs focus on self-awareness, mindfulness, healthy relationships and habits. We discuss challenging and uncomfortable topics while building on strengths and resiliency. We celebrate asking for support, increasing self-care, and beginning again.

*Option to add a Service-learning project component available*

Propellers Internship

Young Adult + Economy

Virtual Employment | Volunteer Hours Opportunity

Therapeutic Mentorship | Counseling


Social Injustice + Mental Health

Processing Uncomfortable Emotions through Media Arts & Bibliotherapy

In collaboration with Tha Griotsphere Productions

Propellers Bootcamp

Young Adult + Economy

College & Vocational Training Program Application Support

Therapeutic Mentorship | Counseling

Puzzle Pieces & Pipelines

Social Injustice & Mental Health

Hot Topics Discussed & Processed through Games & Riddles

Free Store

Cooperative Economics

A Pantry of Items Available to People In Need

In collaboration with Artesian Enterprises

Arts Equity 

Mental Health + Entrepreneurship

...stay tuned...

In collaboration with Rhythm Visions Production Company

Propel Vault

Youth In Transition + Homelessness

Foster Care

Combatting Systemic Barriers & Obstacles