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Emotional Wellness & Entrepreneurship through Art, Nature & Play.

Welcome to Wellness

Revolutionizing Mental Health

Welcome to Propel

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Our Vision

To improve the economic vitality of BIPOC communities by cultivating mentally healthy bosses that own and operate socially responsible and fiscally secure businesses.

Our Mission

To create and curate culturally competent and trauma-informed offerings and experiences that improve the emotional wellness and capacity of entrepreneurs and the resiliency and viability of their ventures. 

Our health goes beyond diet and exercise. There are 8 categories of health and all of the wellness areas need your time and attention to truly become holistically well.

But what are they? How do I get started? 

It begins with goal setting and planning. We've got the perfect tool to jump start your wellness journey.

FREE Wellness Wheel

Click the button to download your free Wellness Wheel. Contact us to attend our Wellness Wheel workshop.

Knowledge, hard work, opportunities are NOT enough to sustain success...

To DO must BE well.

Mental health is the foundation of everything we think, feel, and do. Mental health includes processing and understanding our emotions; building and sustaining healthy relationships; and making critical and creative decisions.

But it is often stigmatized, pacified, and complicated to understand. We want to change that! 

Propel Productions Center, Inc. (PPC) is a Black woman founded and led 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in mental health and entrepreneurship. Propel uses expressive arts, play, and holistic wellness strategies to engage, educate, and empower BIPOC bosses and their businesses.

We look forward to supporting you along your entrepreneurial journey. 

Healing Black Wall Street through art, nature & play.

Inhale. Exhale.
Create Change!