Remix Rage Series

Anger is the most primitive defensive mechanisms we have.

It is a survival emotion that protects and motivates. It is the body’s natural response to perceived danger. According to the National Forum Journal of Counseling and Addiction, the average person experiences anger about once a day and becomes annoyed or irritated about three times a day. 

There must be opportunity to express, release and process uncomfortable emotions to create change. There is no health without mental health.

Remix Rage will spark a want to participate in mental health services; and will also begin to normalize and validate the entire spectrum of emotions; including the painful and discomforting. Remix Rage seeks to provide a culture that generates supportive dialogue, reinforcing the concept “what you are feeling is normal, and we can handle this emotion together.”

The Remix Rage Series has three components: The Program, The Toolkit, and The Smash Room

The Program/Curriculum

Remix Rage is a therapeutic program that provides the tools necessary to aid in emotion regulation and frustration tolerance.

Anger and stress are inevitable; however, Remix Rage provides the strategies to master and implement mental health skills in a healthy and safe way.

Remix Rage supports children, youth, and adults to learning how to transition from “10 to Zen!”

The Rage-In-A-Box Toolkit

The Rage-In-A-Box Toolkit includes exploratory, therapeutic, mind-body activities and items that complement the Remix Rage program.

Activities are curated by mental health professionals, clinical social workers, educators, and expressive artists.

This toolkit works in conjunction with the program, but also individually. Great for classroom, work and home. 

Smash Room

Smash Rooms (i.e. rage rooms or anger rooms) first began in Japan for venting by destroying items.

Smash Rooms go against societal norms and provide an environment that supports and encourages expressing all emotions, especially the uncomfortable and challenging.

Individuals  wear protective gear, choose tools, and use their bodies to break things. 

Great for team building, stress relief, date night, family fun too!