Meet our Program Director, Sarah!

Hey Sarah!

Hey, my name is Sarah, and I am the Program Director for Propel Productions Center. I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my husband, my son, and our little fur baby.

I enjoy spending time with my family, decorating my home, and creating content for social media. Lauren Jones is my cousin and I am honored to have watched Propel grow from a dream to a real non-profit.

The mission and vision of Propel Productions Center directly align with how I strive to live my life. I love the idea of using the arts to help tap into our mental health. I have been using the arts as a way to support my mental health since I was a little girl.

At a young age, I wrote in my journal as a way to express and release the emotions that I was facing. In my junior year of college, I went through a period of depression, which lead me to enroll in painting classes. Painting was my escape from college life and helped pull me out of my depression.

As an adult, I use interior design as my art of choice. Creating a new area within my home gives me space to release any stress or anxiety that I have been holding onto. Propel is a part of who I am and I am excited to work with you as we create change within the community.