Meet our Executive Director, Lauren!

Hey Lauren!

Hey, my name is Lauren, and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Propel Productions Center, Inc. 

I'm a Clinical Social Worker and while working within the realm of mental health, I've noticed that there are no "fun" or "engaging" agencies that truly meet people where they are. That had to change! I decided to create an organization that inspires people to want to participate in mental health. I wanted to design a place that I needed when I was younger...a space to process difficult emotions and create. As an adult, I need this space now more than ever!

I love so many different forms of expressive arts. However, my favorite art genre is dance. I'm able to tell stories through my body that I may struggle to convey through words alone. Recently, I've also gravitated towards gardening (herbs & succulents) and aromatherapy. There's something purely magical when you play in the dirt. I'm looking forward to baking with my fresh ingredients soon. 

Anyway, it's so important that we begin to prioritize our mental health. It is at the foundation of who we are and how we function. Using the expressive arts to do that makes emotional wellness more manageable and enjoyable.  

I envision PPC becoming the 'Parks & Rec' of the mental health and wellness space. A community pillar for healing.