Meet our Propellers Intern, Alexis!

Hey Alexis!

My Name is Alexis Rouson. I am currently an intern at Propel Productions Center.

I have been a part of Propel since the very beginning (2013). I started off at Propel because of dance, but I stayed for the love and support of everyone in the Propel family.

I began as a participant in Propel’s first SEL program "Beautiful Like Me" and when I “graduated out” I decided to return as an intern to give back and show my appreciation for everything that Propel has done for me. I even travel with Propel and help with programming in Charlotte, NC during the summer. 

Through Propel, I have developed a stronger love for the arts. As I am going through life, the arts have provided me with a healthy escape. My go-to art choices are dancing, painting, and writing; and I hope to be able to share my passion and the love of the arts with y’all!!!